Monday, June 21, 2010

More pages

As I had a few hours off I couldn't resist and made a few more pages! This time I made them with the following kits:

The top one (with a pic of me and Jason) was made with Ptitesouris kit called A Small Day of Dream which you can buy HERE

The 2nd one was made with the kit Beautiful Nature by Maelia Designs which you can download for free HERE
Except for the arrow and word art those come from another kit by Maelia Designs called Capturing the Memories which is also free on her blog.

Page 3 was made with kit Red Flower by Sekada Designs which you can buy HERE

And lastly page number 4 was made with the kit Friendship by Goldensun and you can buy it HERE
Except the green paper I used is not included in this kit it came from another and I can't remember which one. I just didn't want a heavily patterned paper as background.

I hope you like them and have a great week - back to work it is!

Hug, Petra

Sunday, June 20, 2010

QP with GoldenSun's Friendship kit

I bought some new kits today and one of them is by Goldensun called friendship It's all in orange and since it is my favorite color I just HAD to buy it :D
You can buy the kit
HERE in case you are interested - it's a gorgeous one!
I have made a QP with it for you and you can download it HERE

What to do when one runs out of pictures?

Well in my case, I went on Google Images and copied a few pictures of vintage movie stars to my laptop to make scrap pages with. You can see them above :D
I need to go out and start taking pictures I guess LOL
I hope you like the pages :)

Hug, Petra

Friday, June 11, 2010

QP with Scraptaboutic's Collab

I finally made another QP this time with Scraptaboutic's Collab of this time.
I have uploaded the .psd file as well as the .png file so if you'd like to make some more changes than just adding your pics or want to make it easier to add your pics than I suggest downloading the .psd file.
I hope you like it! Hug, Petra

Download .psd HERE
Download .png HERE