Monday, April 12, 2010

Another QP for you!

Okay I fixed the QP so you can actually put your picture in it now! Thanks so much Jacqui for pointing that out to me and for all the hours of help - you are very patient LOL.

So I made another QP with Piccolini Angeli's latest freebie kit which you can get HERE
The kit is only free for a limited time so get it while you can! You will have to sign up to be able to download it, which is free and definitely worth it as they have the most amazing creations there!

I hope you will enjoy this QP and you can download it by clicking on the picture!

Hug, Petra


  1. wonderfully done petra.. just love it.. thanks for sharing this freebie

  2. You're very welcome Mimi and I am glad you like it! xoxo