Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Twinkle and Tatch Its 7 by Brine Design

Whoa did I love playing with Brine Design's Bundle Christmas Twinkle!! The colors remind me of a Scandinavian interior and winter :) Okay maybe you have to be me to envision that but that's what came up in my head when I saw this bundle for the first time :)Each part you see below is available separately as well but of course the bundle is the more economic choice if you want several packs anyway (and who wouldn't!) I have combined this bundle with her Tatch Its 7 in white, which are 25 different style stitches which you can use with any page out there so a great addition to any scrap collection. They are available in many colors for instance char coal, pink, white etc. so check em out in Brine Design's store HERE All the way on the bottom you can see the page I created with all these items and I hope you like it! Happy scrappin! ♥ Petra

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